Strengthening workshop for employees of cultural institutions

The dynamically developing social and political situation in Poland in recent years has significantly influenced the creative attitudes of artists, employees, and cultural workers, as well as the management structure of cultural and art institutions. We observe that new management staff, instead of expanding the field of cooperation, communication, and tolerance in their institutions, are narrowing them down at an alarming rate, repeatedly violating the statutory independence of cultural and art institutions. Sometimes it happens covertly, under the guise of symmetry, sometimes it is communicated directly. The non-transparent personnel changes in managerial positions have their consequences in the deepening disorientation of the team and the disorganization of the institutions themselves. Incompetence, lack of respect for workers' rights, ultimately violent, violating the freedom of belief, and the attitudes of management staff are repeated accusations against new governments in culture.


Witek Hebanowski


16th December, time: 17:00-21:00


History Meeting House

The aim

The aim of the workshop was to support employees of cultural institutions. To work out together the collective and individual, active, but also passive strategies of resistance to violent labor relations. It focused on practicing inter-institutional solidarity at the employee level, both in the face of the incompetence of management staff and the boycott of creative circles. Most of all, however, it concentrated on how, in the present conditions, it can be possible to continue the work for development of culture and art, of which the participants of the workshop were an essential part.