In Ukraine (W Ukrainie)

The meeting is attended by Yulia Kryvych - Ukrainian artist, activist, co-founder of the Słonecznik Cultural Center in Warsaw, and Polina Vietrova - Ukrainian architect, academic lecturer, collaborator of the Other Space Foundation.


Yulia Kryvych, Polina Vietrova


Witek Hebanowski


The Other Space Foundation, 2022


We talk about changing perceptions of the Russian language and the need to strengthen the Ukrainian language. About the fact that Russian must eventually stop being a language belonging to a State and why it is so important for Ukrainians to use the phrase "in Ukraine". 

Appendix: Olena Apchel "Even if the war ends tomorrow, it will change us for the day after tomorrow. thoughts on language transformation." - theater director, artist, activist on how the meanings of particular words change in the face of armed war, women soldiers, and the privilege of being a pacifist.