Code Noir

The broadcast features Martinique-born Lude Reno - reporter, writer, director and actor, author of the sound work "Code Noir"; Mamdou Diouf - Senegalese singer, journalist, cultural animator and social activist; and cultural studies professor Marta Kosinska, PhD, from the Institute of Cultural Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. 


Lude Reno, Mamdou Diouf, Marta Kosińska


Witek Hebanowski


The Other Space Foundation, 2022


The starting point is the Code Noir, called the most monstrous legal document of modern times, which was enacted by Louis XIV in 1685 at Versailles to define the conditions of slavery in the French colonial empire. We consider whether anti-racist education in homogeneous, predominantly white Poland is needed and what value it brings.